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texts texts 4,224
TOPIC atoz
Literature 517
Philosophy of mind 440
Economics 273
Physics 229
Mathematics 220
Agriculture and related sciences and techniques. Forestry. Farming. Wildlife exploitation 217
Chemistry. Crystallography. Mineralogy 216
Economics in general 166
Psychology 157
Psychophysiology (physiological psychology). Mental physiology 141
Biological sciences in general 137
Generalities about the pure sciences 134
Generalities about the pure sciences. Mathematical sciences in the broad sense 125
Prehistoric and primitive religions 123
General mechanics. Mechanics of solid and rigid bodies 121
Practical laboratory chemistry. Preparative and experimental chemistry 116
Theories and methods in social sciences 114
Fundamental and general consideration of mathematics 107
Methods of the social sciences 104
Nature and role of philosophy 104
History.Science of history. Ancillary sciences. General history 101
Law. Jurisprudence 101
History as a science. Theory and philosophy of history 95
Earth sciences. Geology, meteorology,etc 89
Public administration 86
Law in general 84
Management and organization of industry, trade and communication 82
Politics 81
General and theoretical biology 76
Particular activities of public administration 76
Botany 72
Education 67
Agriculture in general 66
Forms of political organization. States as political power 64
Astronomy. Astrophysics. Space research.Geodesy 63
Recreation. Entertainement. Games. Sport 49
Astronomical instruments and techniques 47
General history 46
Electricity. Magnetism. Electromagnetism 44
Linguistics and languages 42
Engineering. Technology in general 41
General botany 40
General geology 38
Moral philosophy. Ethics 38
Poetry. Poems. Verse 38
General linguistics 37
General reference works Encyclopaedias 34
Organization of educational and training system. School organization 34
Geometry 31
Social Welfare 30
Economic situation. Trade cycle. Development of economic structure. Growth 28
Industries, crafts and trades for finished or assembled articles 27
Business management, administration. Commercial organization 26
Plantae 26
Physical chemistry 25
Zoology 25
Finance 24
Newspapers. The press. Including: Journalism 24
Organic chemistry 24
Trade. Commerce. International economic relations. World economy 24
Analysis 23
Social welfare 23
General geology. Meteorology. Climatology. Historical geology. Stratigraphy. Palaeogeography 21
Anthropogeny. Human development in general. Origin of the human species 19
Education and training out of school. Further education 19
General zoology 19
Accountancy 18
Analytical chemistry 18
Physical nature of matter 18
Metaphysics 17
History of individual places 15
Anthropology 14
Labour. Employment. Work. Labour economics. Organization of labour 14
Algebra 13
Chrystallography 13
International law 13
Combinatorial analysis. Graph theory 12
Music 12
Architecture 11
Bibliography and bibliographies Catalogues 11
Fiction. Prose narrative 11
Fluid mechanics in general. Mechanics of liquids (hydromechanics) 11
Inorganic chemistry 11
Islam 11
General structure of the Earth 10
International relations. World, global politics. International affairs. Foreign policy 10
genealogy 10
Biographical and related studies 9
Buddhism 9
Mechanics of gases. Aeromechanics. Plasma physics 9
Number theory 9
Philosophical systems 9
Drama. Plays 8
History of History of Asia 8
Material bases of life. Biochemistry. Molecular biology. Biophysics 8
Meteorology 8
Sport. Games. Physical exercises 8
Theatre. Stagecraft. Dramatic performances 8
Archeology 7
Chemical technology. Chemical and related industries 7
History of the world 7
Literary criticism. Literary studies 7
Literary forms. Genres 7
Ancillary sciences of geology etc 6
Biography 6
Education, teaching, training of special groups of persons. Special schools 6
Field crops and their production 6
Forms of organization and cooperation in economy 6
General genetics. General cytogenetics 6
Heat. Thermodynamics 6
Medical sciences 6
Mental development and capacity. Comparative psychology 6
Topology 6
Buildings generally. Including: Programming. Design. Parts for specific use. Rooms 5
Cinema. Films 5
Cryptogams. Flowerless plants. Spore plants 5
Fishing. Hunting. Shooting and target sports 5
Literature of individual languages 5
Logic. Epistemology 5
Office management. Office practice. Office work 5
Sociography. Descriptive studies of society (both qualitative and quantitative 5
World history in the 20th century 5
Forestry 4
Home economics. Domestic science. Housekeeping 4
Insurance. Communal provision through sharing of risk 4
Painting 4
Photography and similar processes 4
Public health engineering. Water. Sanitation. Illuminating engineering 4
Science of history. Ancillary historical sciences 4
The Solar System 4
Theories of music. Notation. Harmony. Tempo. Composition, interpretation etc 4
Vegetables. Kitchen gardening 4
Accommodation desires and their fulfilment. Safeguarding accommodation 3
Applied psychology 3
Environmental science. Conservation of natural resources. Threats to the environment and protection against them 3
Garden plants. Gardening 3
Genealogy 3
Hunting. Fishing. Fish breeding 3
Languages 3
Mammalia. Mammals 3
Materials testing. Commercial materials. Power stations. Economics of energy 3
Mechanical engineering in general. Nuclear technology. Electrical engineering. Machinery 3
Mineralogy. Special study of minerals 3
Parliaments. Representation of the people 3
Petrology. Petrography 3
Photographic equipment, apparatus and material 3
Plant damage, injuries. Plant deseases. Pests, orgnisms injurious to plants. Plant protection 3
Prehistory 3
Regional economics. Territorial economics. Land economics. Housing economics 3
Religions of the Indian subcontinent 3
Stars. Stellar system. The Universe 3
Archivistics. Archives. Public records 2
Army service in generally. Infantry. Foot soldiers 2
Chemicals 2
Christianity 2
Electrical engineering 2
Facets of linguistics 2
Gender studies. Sex role. Gender. Persons from an interdisciplinary viewpoint 2
Higher education. Universities. Academic study 2
Higher mental processes 2
Hinayana (Theravada) Buddhism 2
History of Africa 2
History of History of Europe 2
Horticulture generally 2
Keeping, breeding and management of insects and other arthropods 2
Kinds of school providing general education 2
Manuscripts. Rare and remarkable works 2
Metallurgy 2
Middle level of administration. Regional, provincial government. Regional authority 2
Polygraphies. Collective works 2
Precision mechanisms and instruments 2
Public, civil, commercial, industrial buildings. Secular architecture general 2
Special criminal law. Military, naval, air force law 2
Specialized instruction. Vocational, technical, professional training. Vocational colleges, institutes. Polytechnics 2
Theoretical astronomy. Celestial mechanics 2
Transport and postal services. Traffic organization and control 2
Vibratrions. Acoustics 2
Abnormal psychology. Insanity. Mental deficiency 1
Animal husbandry and breeding in general. Livestock rearing. Breeding domestic animals 1
Applied, practical geography 1
Area Studies 1
Biotechnology 1
Building (construction) trade. Building materials. Building practice and procedure 1
Cellular and subcellular biology. Cytology 1
Civil engineering and land transport. Railway engineering. Highway engineering 1
Civil law 1
Clothing industry. Garment manufacture. Beauty culture 1
Cultural remains of historical times 1
Demography. Statistics. Sociology 1
Economic geology. Mineral deposits 1
English language -- Rhetoric 1
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